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valeries gallery

valeries gallery

Here is another way to support the cause of Haitian relief. By sending cards. My friend, Ron Kanfi, who is CEO of Nobleworks Inc., a great and witty card company, is making this offer, and in the process you can send cards that make people smile. Thanks for taking a look, Valerie. NobleWorkCards

Each segment of Andy and Valerie… Find Out! focuses on an interview with the star of a Broadway or Off-Broadway show. The tone of this new feature will at times be irreverent and campy, and at other times, serious and thought-provoking, but always chock full of facts and entertainment. Throughout the piece pop-ups will appear [...]

Valerie is teaching two new courses at the School of Visual Arts

How to host a radio show on the Internet How to work with copy and start a voice over career

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